Reproductive Vaccines


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Many infectious diseases manifest clinically in cattle, causing different types of reproductive disorders.


These demonstrations have the most obvious sign of abortion in cows throughout the gestation period.


Also, varying degrees of temporary infertility, translate into a prolongation of the interval from calving to conception.


The Infected breeding males can develop different genital inflammatory processes that can reach the loss of their reproductive capacity, but more important is its role in the spread of the disease in the cattle, in those transmitted venereal disease.


The reductions in calving rates and increased perinatal mortality are in many cases significant economic losses. Prevention by active immunization, has proven to be a major weapon to control the effects mentioned.


​Ibsalert Reproductive is a combination vaccine (composed of virus/bacteria), produced from the main infectious agents responsible for reproductive losses in cattle, suspended in an aqueous carrier and aluminum hydroxide-adjuvanted.


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